YouTube Comments Not Loading, How to Fix?

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These days the number of users using their youtube account has increased so the errors and bugs in the accounts have also increased simultaneously. The recent major issue is that the Youtube Comments not loading. 

Such users will definitely suffer a lot, won’t they? We all will be having that habit of watching the content of the video and at the same time scrolling down the comment sections to gather greater contents. 

If you are someone like that, we can fix the bug and then keep scrolling down the comment section as we were doing. 

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Method 1:

Try reloading the video page and check out whether this fixed the issue. This is the most basic method that everyone must try at first. 

Sometimes, this may happen even due to the error from the side of youtube. So take little time and check whether the error has been fixed. 

Method 2: 

Comments in Youtube are not loading also because of fluctuation in your internet connection. Only if there is a stable internet facility all the features in youtube work properly. To check this, run a speed test in your browser.

Method 3:


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