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The WordPress admin area works in exactly the same way as the other parts of the system – through a login system (“/wp-admin”), you’re able to gain access to the backend dashboard, through which you’re able to add posts etc.

Whilst there are a number of potential causes of the problem, they’re all relatively simple to fix.

The most important point to make is that your system *may* have been infected with malware. I’ve experienced this issue before – hackers inject code into your WordPress system in the hope that it will distribute fake referral traffic for them.

If you have ANY malware issue with WordPress, you’ll need to get a technician to look at it. When it happened to us, our sites kept getting attacked and we had to move hosts in the end.

Obviously, malware is not going to be high on the list – the likely problem you have is either a plugin is preventing your login, or some other issue has prevented WordPress from authenticating you.


As mentioned, there are several common causes which typically lead the admin area to not work:

Bad update prevented WordPress from updating its core files Certain plugins are preventing...

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