Windows 11 Should you wait

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Windows 11 is what you’d refer to as an “version 1.0” version that means it’s only beginning its journey, and although there are many great features to be found, there’s many things that aren’t there (especially on that Taskbar) which long-time Windows users might have trouble with. Microsoft has succeeded in its mission of simplifying what is the most basic Windows UX, but at the expense of functionality that users consider crucial in the workflows.If you’ve read the review and haven’t considered any of the issues mentioned as a major issue I’m convinced that Windows 11 is going to be a great choice for you. It’s not slow, unresponsive or glitchy when I’ve used it. It’s ready for commercial useand I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of using this OS. I’ll never go back to Windows 10.However it is a good idea to use your Taskbar on top of your screen or you don’t like the idea of needing to click additional times to access an option which was previously accessible with just one click, Windows 11 is not going to be the right choice for you right now. Windows 11 prioritizes simplicity, sometimes to the detriment of hiding functions in menus or in the Settings...

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