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It’s reasonable to declare that Microsoft Store on Windows 10 is a disappointment in the best sense, considering that it’s lacking many applications that users regularly use for their computers. It was due to the fact that Microsoft enforced strict rules on the kinds of applications that could be submitted into the Store by developers. That basically ruled out many of the most popular applications for Microsoft’s Windows platform.With Windows 11, this all is changing. Microsoft is opening up the floodgates for developers and is allowing them to submit the majority of Windows applications to the storefront right now. Microsoft hopes for to make the Microsoft Store to be a platform to find the top Windows applications, no matter the genre. This includes applications like Visual Studio 2019, Adobe Creative Cloud and more.


In February 2022 Microsoft has begun rolling out Android apps support for Windows 11, albeit in “preview” and only in the United States only. Android apps that run on Windows 11 are an interesting idea, especially due to the way Microsoft has chosen to provide Android applications to users. Instead of permitting app developers for submission of Android app to Microsoft Store, Microsoft has collaborated with Amazon to provide an “Amazon...

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