Why outsourcing selection and hiring processes? Know the 6 benefits!

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Outsourcing in the selection process has allowed the human capital of an organization to be properly managed as an added value today. At GSH we take care of this process so that you take care of the core business of your business. Leaving human resources management in our hands, we will be your best ally. We have more than 20 years in the Colombian market, transforming the world from the heart of organizations.

The global economy has changed, making it much more difficult to hire the right candidates. The new economic conditions include global competition, rapidly changing business conditions, high unemployment, skills shortages, and a war for talent. Finding and hiring the right people in this type of hiring environment requires keeping up with new recruiting technologies and social media, developing relationships with successful candidates, and asking the right questions.

Hiring managers and busy employees get all of that when they outsource recruiting. Cost containment and the need to focus on core business operations are at the top of the list of several common reasons for contracting outsourcing. Outsourcing all of your recruiting or just part of your recruiting process puts the reins in the hands of experienced recruiting consultants,...

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