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Dubai is the best yacht charter destination because it offers sailors many different and exciting options.

Influenced by both cultures of the East and West, the Persian Gulf revels in many treasure including multiple luxury resorts, iconic buildings and world-renowned restaurants, thus making it an ideal cruising ground for those with wanderlust. Adorned with some of the most iconic skylines in the world, cruising along in a yacht past the Dubai coastline means you will get to witness some truly exceptional views. There is no better place to take in the golden skies as you watch the sunset, than on board a luxurious chartered yacht.

Yacht Rental in Dubai is one of the must-have experiences from young adults to older adults alike. Celebrate whatever you want on a yacht – they make for a fabulous birthday party venue or to celebrate an engagement or perhaps a 25 year wedding anniversary. You won’t find any better venue than a chartered yacht in Dubai.

Mala yachts is devoted to providing you with a superb yacht rental experience in Dubai. With the choice of a fleet of luxury yachts, you can easily accommodate small to larger gatherings. No matters whether it’s...

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