Who Is Adam Demos Dating

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Adam Demos is the Australian actor who played the role of Brad Simon in Sex/Life on Netflix, and the role of Jake Taylor in Falling Inn Love the movie is available on Netflix. Currently, 36, born on 24th May 1985, the actor is dating his Sex/Life co-actor Sarah Shahi.

Both the actors haven’t kept the relationship out of the public eye and are hidden in private. They are still strong, keeping ample posts on social media and sharing cute stories with the public. The story of the two is rather cute and loveable. As fans of the series, the relationship seems highly interesting. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the discussion.

Let’s know More About Adam Demos.

Adam Demos is an Australian actor whose most recent movie, A Perfect Pairing, was released on Netflix on 19th May 2022. The actor is seen playing the role of Max, who is the main character in the movie. The movie also presents Victoria Justice as the lead character Lola. Demos has been interested in accommodating himself into a career in acting since a very young age.

He was first seen in an advertisement act of a popular Australian soft drink. Further on,...

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