Which Grilled Wrap to Choose at Restaurants: A Complete Guide

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Grilled wraps are an easy, handheld way to enjoy a satisfying meal. But honestly, here is the thing: You never really know what you’re going to get—until now. We’ve got the scoop of all the grilled wraps available at restaurants. So whether you want something sweet and spicy or classic and comforting, we’ve got the dish for you.

If you’re just the way we are in eating, then you can’t get enough of that grilled chicken wrap delivery. And now we’ll let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to settle for just one. There are, in fact, many different kinds of grilled wraps available at different restaurants. And while they all promise the juicy goodness and golden-brown, charred exterior that makes grilled wraps so irresistible, they are unique in their way. We researched and made this handy guide for choosing which one is right for you.

The grilled wrap is a fast-food staple. We’ve all eaten grilled wraps for every meal for at least one week. They can be found in almost every drive-thru, and you can probably get one delivered to your house right now. But what goes into a grilled wrap? Is it healthy? Which...

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