What’s Healthy Competition?

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No doubt, competition is part of our nature and to promote it does not inherently mean we are promoting harmful behavior. Competition is a great incentive to have employees increase productivity and should be encouraged in a manner that is reflects positively.

Competition is way of investment as you push yourself to newer threshold and throw yourself into different challenges. It’s good to keep yourself on a schedule of renewal by competing with your coworkers. Plunging into competition forces you to learn and grow faster as you absorb different methods and strategies. You learn from your coworkers and your coworkers also learn from you.

The downside with competition is nothing! Downsides only occur during unhealthy competition, so make sure of which you are practicing for there is a fine, fine line! Unhealthy competition breeds unhealthy expectations and it generates negative feelings towards your coworkers. Try to avoid this as it can quickly turn into envy, and jealously is a futile motive as it will eventually backfire on you. Unhealthy competition means you are aiming to not grow but drag someone down.

The goal is for everyone to grow and everyone grows at their own pace! Keep that in mind to...

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