What Should You Expect During a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

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There is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about your appearance. But how do you know if you would benefit from a rhinoplasty consultation? And what should you expect? Rhinoplasty is the process of reshaping or contouring one’s nose, which can be done in multiple ways. Understanding what to expect during a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will help you feel more at ease and help you decide if rhinoplasty is for you. Rhinoplasty consultation options are limited only by your surgeon’s schedule, but a few common options are available. Here is what you should expect during a consultation.

Table of Contents

1. Evaluation Video2. Photographs3. Surgery Procedure4. Aftercare5. Patient satisfaction and risks6. Follow up appointments7. Follow up care instructionsConclusion

1. Evaluation Video

You will need to view a video to evaluate your symmetry and your nose’s size. The video will generally evaluate what is happening within the nose areas but might not reveal any specific information about your problem area(s). In some cases, you may be asked to take a facial impression. This impression helps the surgeon visualize the desired outcome and allows them to plan out your surgery.

2. Photographs

Rhinoplasty is often performed as...

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