What do you think fluency is?

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Many a person confuses himself that fluency is about how fast you speak something. I would not say they are wrong, but I would also not say that they are completely correct. Fluency is not about how fast you can speak whatever you think or feel. It is about how clearly you can say what you have on your mind. When you are a learner of the English language, you should keep in mind that fluency does not come at once. You need to keep practicing spoken English so that you get comfortable with speaking English and when you get comfortable with a language fluency is hardly a step far from you. In this blog, I am going to share some of the steps that you can inculcate in your mundane habits to become fluent in the English language but before that I want you to know that fluency is not only about how well you speak rather how clear you are with your thoughts. This is one of the basics that you yourself need to understand because no one is going to tell you until your teacher or mentor that you have higher to train you to become fluent...

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