Vehicle History Save Time and Money on Automotive Research

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You can save time and money on automotive research by using free resources like Vehicle history. The database allows you to access comprehensive safety ratings on every car model and its features and equipment. It contains extensive performance data, vehicle history and specifications for nearly every car on the market. You can also research a car’s VIN and find out its previous owner history. These services can make the entire car buying process easier, more accurate and quicker. And as a bonus, they are completely free.

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Pre-purchase inspectionsVehicle history reportTitle informationPrevious owner informationAccident information

Pre-purchase inspections

There are several reasons why you should have a pre-purchase inspection performed on a vehicle before purchasing it. A vehicle’s history report can be helpful, but it’s not completely accurate. Often, the history report only includes the information reported to police and auto insurance companies. That means a car with an older model with a clean history may be a good deal. Alternatively, a car that was rented years ago might have a spotty history because most rental companies are self-insured and therefore do not have to report any accidents.

A pre-purchase inspection on a car’s history...

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