US Visa Application for British Citizens and Spanish Citizens

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How to work in the USA


The United States is a popular destination for UK citizens who are willing to relocate, with 50 different states having something for everyone in the country and plenty of career opportunities. Whether you want to relocate to the US branch of your current company, start a new job, or even start your own business in the United States, there are several immigration options available to you.

You must apply for the correct immigration route to enter the United States before leaving the United Kingdom. There are different requirements for a US business and work visa and you need to find out which is the most suitable option for you based on why you are planning to move to the US and how long you want to live and work there.

Applying for a US visa can be tedious and demanding, but when you have a British passport, this is not a problem because British citizens are subject to the American visa-waiver program. If you have a British passport, you do not need a US visa for British Citizens to enter the United States, you only need an ESTA.

ESTA allows nationals who qualify...

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