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The market offers many options for a free PDF editor. Unfortunately, most of them lack security and reliability.

Hence, I would like to recommend a great PDF editor that works best on Windows and Mac platforms! UPDF is a completely free PDF editor that promises you:

100% free No watermarks No file size limits No ads No time limits


At Superace Software, the UPDF was developed by an experienced specialist team. The team has also developed several top-notch productivity tools, including a PDF Converter, PDF Editor, among other things. Software provider Superace Software generates workflow efficiencies for documents and PDFs for various productivity situations.

Some Key Features of UPDF Free PDF Editor


Easy and quick editing on text and image


Users can edit PDFs with this free PDF editor that’s all-around. The font size, color, or style can be changed in addition to the layout and alignment. You can also add text to PDF.


This editor lets you edit every detail in your PDF document, including adding and deleting images, rotating them, and replacing them.


The best part is that UPDF doesn’t require any previous editing experience.

Despite its simplicity, it can be used by...

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