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Turkey Visa Online Eligibility, A visa is a form of permit that is stamped in a passport, allowing the holder to enter, stay in and leave the territory from which the visa was issued. evisa is linked to the immigrant’s passport number and the data is stored on the Internet. And so, there is no need to stamp a visa in the passport, but the receipt itself can be used as a visa. Since 2013, Turkey has provided e-visa services for its immigrants.

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Visa Policy for Turkey Turkish visa for US citizensVisa validityPurpose of the trip:Visa processing

Visa Policy for Turkey

Turkey’s visa policy means that immigrants must meet the requirements to travel to Turkey and stay within its borders. The requirements depend on the nationality of the immigrants, the duration, and the purpose of the trip. Immigrants must obtain a visa from the embassy or obtain an electronic visa online or consult with the Turkish government before traveling there. The visa policy also states that immigrants from eligible countries will be able to enter Turkey without a visa for a short period of time. Visa-free citizens of Turkey do not need a...

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