Turkey visa application for Kuwait and citizens

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Kuwaiti citizens can quickly and easily obtain a visa for Turkey through Turkey’s electronic visa (e-visa) system.

Turkey visa for Kuwaiti  Citizens is available online. By filling out a short application form via the internet, travelers can avoid all the way to the embassy or consulate to process the paperwork.

The Turkish government introduced e-Visa for Turkey in 2013 to facilitate international tourism and business visits. It is available to travelers of more than 100 nationalities, including Kuwaiti. E-Visa replaces the previous “Sticker Visa”. It is now easier for Kuwaiti nationals to obtain a visa to Turkey.

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Do Kuwaiti passport holders need a Turkish e-visa?Do Kuwaiti children also need an e-visa from Turkey?Kuwait needs to get a Turkish visaApply for an online visa for Turkey  Do Oman citizens need a visa for Turkey?  Documents required for citizens of OmanTurkey E-visa form entries may include:

Do Kuwaiti passport holders need a Turkish e-visa?


Yes, Kuwaiti citizens must have a valid e-visa to travel to Turkey for tourism or trade. Turkey’s visa policy describes the benefits and requirements offered by e-Visa for Kuwaitis.

E-Visa for Turkey is valid for 6 months and Kuwaiti travelers...

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