Top Six Jobs in 2022 That Change your Career

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Whether you’re just entering the job market or considering changing your career, it’s important to keep pace with the trends. What jobs will be most demanded in 2022? Our experts at Jooble have selected six careers that are likely to be the most wanted this year—and beyond.

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1 Vaccine Specialist2 Artificial Intelligence Specialist3 Machine Learning Engineer 4 Data Scientist5 Robotics Engineer6 Cybersecurity Specialist

Vaccine Specialist

The COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t have evaded the job market. Both governmental and private organizations are looking for people with expertise in developing, testing, and researching vaccines. Since the qualifications needed for the job are rather specific, this might not be your first career choice, but if you meet the requirements, it’s a perfect fit.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The IT sector is in as great a shape as ever, with businesses needing innovative solutions and the pandemic forcing everyone to rely on technology even more. Artificial intelligence is but one area that is promising in terms of career. If you have the necessary programming and engineering skills, we recommend you consider this option.

Machine Learning Engineer 

Artificial intelligence is not the only IT area that needs specialists. Machine learning...

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