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Happiness is not something that you find outside; it is something deep within. But not everyone knows the path of moksha, the knowledge that provides them contentment. Therefore, one might need guidance to become happy. The whole world is searching for the true meaning of happiness. Do money, and material possession, make you happy? Is it family and friends that make you happy? Continue reading to learn more about the true meaning of happiness and how you can recreate happiness in your life. 

Loneliness And Being Alone: Most of us feel lonely now and then. Even if you are partnered and lead a happy life, you may feel lonely from time to time. But loneliness is a negative feeling that leads you to darkness. When you find yourself alone, you look for a company, and desperate people always find the wrong company. You rely on the wrong people for solace and comfort because you feel there is no one to love you. 

Be comfortable with the idea of being alone. Your happiness does not depend on others. If you cannot love yourself, you will become needy. And no one can truly love a needy person.Go to the restaurant and eat...

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Michael Siemsen grew up in Venice, California, the second son of a Vietnam veteran turned policeman. Initially focusing on performing arts, Michael attended the prestigious Alexander Hamilton Academy in Los Angeles

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