Tips For More Engaging, Top Performing Instagram Carousel Posts

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One of the most significant Instagram updates of 2015 was that it became official Instagram is no longer an app for (Tips For More Engaging, Top Performing Instagram Carousel Posts) sharing photos. You can now get more fun on Instagram by watching videos, shopping experiences, and much more.

It doesn’t mean Instagram isn’t used anymore for photos. However, it is essential to remember that you have to be sure that it’s worth sharing if you do upload them. These changes all mean that you should seriously think about making carousels an integral part of your advertising strategy.


Research has shown that carousels are among the most popular content on social networks.

What Are Instagram Carousel Posts?

If you’re unfamiliar, these are “album-style” posts in your feed, which can contain up to 10 images at each time. The first time a user is exposed to the post via your feeds, it’ll display the first image as the post’s cover. However, unlike other posts on the meal, this one can show if the user does not engage and click on the next photo.

If you’re marketing an online brand using “photo dump” style carousels with UGC of your products, or an...

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