The Snowflake Obsidian Stone

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One of the most stunning crystals is Snowflake Obsidian. It is considered the luckiest crystal and is also called the “Stone of Opportunity” because it increases your luck. Wearing this stone can bring luck to your business ventures, especially if you are looking for money. Relationships are a key part of the Root Chakra. By realigning the Root Chakra, you can strengthen relationships and increase your luck in love and money.

Grounding stone

A Grounding stone made from Snowflake Obsidian has many properties. This stone can be used to ground you, absorb negative energy, strengthen connections with angels and spirit guides, as well as help you stay grounded. It also enhances your ability to connect with Spirit and facilitate mediumship. It can help you break old patterns of behavior and develop awareness. And it will make you feel calmer and more open to coincidences. It can help you deal with stressful situations, too.

Snowflake Obsidian’s soothing, calming energies can be helpful in overcoming difficult emotions such as grief or physical abuse. You can use it to treat addictions. Snowflake Obsidian can also be used to protect your home. It promotes harmony in your home. This balances the root chakra which...

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