The Landscape of SEO is Changing SEO   

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The Landscape of SEO is Changing SEO   What’s been going on?Growing amount of contentEntry of social mediaWhat is this all about for your company?What are other SEO trends that business owners be conscious of?Local SearchWeb Presence

The Landscape of SEO is Changing SEO   

Search engine optimization (SEO) landscape has(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) seen a dramatic change in the past 10 years. In the beginning of the Internet SEO was based on the most fundamental aspects of web design.

The selection of keywords, backlinks and positioning. Nowadays, there are many other elements that influence the algorithms of search engines that determine the rank of a page. More commonly, web presence.

What’s been going on?

First of all, the number of websites and pages blogs. Websites and social media posts has risen dramatically from the days when there were just several million web pages accessible.

Today, million of webpages of blog posts, and social media posts are posted every day through the Internet. It’s an amazing rate of daily content creation and it is expected to grow.

To enable search engines to offer high-quality quick results for users. They needed to create algorithms that...

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