The best self-catering accommodation in North and Mid Devon

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Anderton House

Goodleigh, EX32 7NR

This building is truly an unusual one for the Landmark Trust, acquired because it is an exceptional modern home and retains its original clean architectural lines. The architect, Peter Aldington, said it was ‘perhaps the nearest we came to an integration of inside and outside spaces’ – the ultimate aim of many modern architects. Anderton offers a very rare opportunity to stay in a home designed and furnished by one of the 1960s leading architects. Sleeps five. 

Belvedere Tower


A 1879 folly once used as a lookout and now a tiny one-room romantic holiday home for two with a private decked area on the roof. 

Bridge Cottage

Peppercombe, EX39 5QD

A tiny thatched cottage built of local materials – rubble stone, mud, straw and thatch – that grew over the centuries from a humble single-storey dwelling into a two-storey cottage. Bridge Cottage was the home of the Hockin family, who had nine children; Mrs Packington, one of the original family’s granddaughters, was the last person to have it as her home. Her cottage and its garden were beautifully kept, although of course there was no electricity and minimal plumbing. She moved out the 1970s...

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