The balance between football and school!

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This attack and possible lack of concentration can be prevented during training by doing individual activities with each athlete, making a weekly schedule, discovering “dead time” and thus increasing the effectiveness of time management.

The difficult school football game was directly related to the time problem. Few talented people make the leap to the pro and even injuries can break this dream overnight. It doesn’t matter if you are a talented or casual footballer – everyone should be as prepared as possible for their professional life! In this sense, every coach has a great responsibility towards his players and their parents.

Incidentally, school success is directly linked to success

스포츠중계– a vice versa! A person who diligently prepares for the exams in the classroom, does his homework, does not miss school and does not interfere in teaching, among other things, shows determination, reliability, willingness, respect and discipline – these help all these qualities that they also possess . Do well in football.

On the other hand, problems in school also affect the athlete’s development, such as when a player cannot train because he is late for school, or when he concentrates because he is at the top of the math...

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