Strategies For PR Companies by Matt Keelen President and...

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What Made You Pick The Profession of PR by Matt Keelen?

I enjoy speaking and standing out to my clients. One of the things that have contributed to my accomplishments is the appreciation of human beings.

What are your organization’s Mid-Values?

Matt Keelen – the President and The Keelen Group’s Founder The Keelen Group

Be kind to others, always help others, even when they’re not able to assist you. Always make sure to go to bed and look at yourself from a mirror and know that you’ve done everything you can to help your clients to succeed.

What Has Your Business Responded To the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Unaware of how this could affect us, we decided to increase our output right at the beginning of the shutdowns, in order to make it even more difficult for our customers. This meant that we were doubled the production of many of our competitors.

What are two or three things about your organization that distinguish you from other PR firms?
We provide more personal service, as in the case of Covid when we could figure out more methods for our clients to see what they needed to see in secure settings while still taking into consideration the human...

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