Stephen Hawking dies, at 76 years old British physicist

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Stephen Hawking dies, at 76 years old

Stephen Hawking dies, at 76 years old British physicist, A family representative revealed on the 14th. 

He was 76 years old. According to his family, he died calmly at his home near the University of Cambridge, England.

Known for his groundbreaking research on black holes and the theory of relativity, science books for the general public, such as “A Brief History of Time,” have become best sellers.

“My beloved father died today and I’m deeply saddened,” said the children,

Lucie, Robert, and Tim, in a joint document.

“A great scientist and an outstanding person.

British physicist

Lucy and his colleagues praised their father’s “courage and tenacity,” and

said that people around the world were fascinated by their “genius and humor.”

“My dad once said, ‘If my loved ones didn’t live, the universe wouldn’t be a big deal.’ I’ll miss him forever.”

Dr. Hawking was a pioneer in astrophysics that combined the theory of relativity with quantum mechanics. 

Through a collaborative study with mathematician Sir Roger Penrose,

he concluded that Einstein’s general theory of relativity infers that the universe and time begin with the Big Bang and end with a black...

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