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Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy is actually still component of the program. He’s merely really active now.

The upcoming paragraph will definitely either excel or even trouble for Star Wars supporters, relying on which edge of the vigorous separate you drop down on when it pertains to 2017’s Star Wars: The Final Jedi. Supervisor Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy is actually still taking place. Talking to Vanity Decent, Lucasfilm head of state Kathleen Kennedy disclosed that Rian Johnson, that of training training program helmed the very most divisive Star Wars motion picture of all of them all of, will definitely come back to a universe much, away. At some point.

“Rian has actually been actually unbelievably active along with Blades Out and also the bargain that he produced at Netflix for numerous motion pictures,” Kennedy claimed, while disclosing that Lucasfilm is actually still preparing towards proceed along with Rian Johnson’s popped the question Star Wars trilogy.

While he might be actually active, it absolutely seems like the program is actually still towards deliver Rian Johnson rear for even more. As quickly as he has actually time, that’s. Created and also administered through Rian Johnson, Star Wars: The Final Jedi is ...

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