Signs of a tooth infection that has spread to other...

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There are several causes of dental infections and these can be mild to severe. For example, when a cavity in a tooth enlarges, it can reach the inside of the tooth. This allows the bacteria to affect the nerves and cause a tooth infection.

The main cause of tooth infection is poor dental hygiene which makes it easy for harmful bacteria to cause infection. The most common type of infection is a tooth abscess. If left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body, causing serious and even life-threatening complications. Here are some without the dental infection having spread to other parts of the body. Don’t ignore it, ok?

1. How do teeth get infected?
Teeth become infected when bacteria enter the teeth through gaps, cracks, or cavities. Your risk factors for developing a tooth infection increase if you have:

Poor dental hygiene practices, such as not regularly brushing and flossing .
High sugar diet.
Dry mouth , which is often caused by aging or as a side effect of taking certain medications.

2. Signs and symptoms of a tooth infection that has spread to other parts of the body
Dental infections rarely spread...

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