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Windows 11 began its staggered launch last year, and since the time, Microsoft declared that its new operating system is fully functional and ready for widespread deployment. That means that anyone who has a computer that meets minimal requirements will be in a position to download and install Windows 11. If you’re making use of computers for business or for your personal use it’s the perfect opportunity to get familiar with Windows’s productivity tools. These built-in tools will help you with everything from creating Taskbar shortcuts to conserving battery energy. Microsoft isn’t as transparent about its hidden functions like Apple is which makes it difficult to understand what you can do to benefit from everything Windows can offer. However, we’ve got your back in this list of obscure features that you are able to use right now to make the most from Windows 11. No matter what Microsoft, Dell, HP or any other Windows compatible device you own These clever suggestions can help you stay on top of your work and do more work. In addition there’s everything you should be aware of Windows 11, the top features in Windows 11 and how it compares to Windows 10.

1. Reduce...

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