Rogue One Erased Palpatines Most Star Wars

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The Star Wars universe, Emperor Palpatine is known for being a smart and calculating individual, which is why it’s so surprising that he made one plan so poorly thought out that Rogue One had to completely erase it from canon. Before Rogue One and Disney rewrote Star Wars history, Darth Vader was tasked with recovering the Death Star plans stolen by the rebels. Following a lead, Darth Vader and a squadron of Stormtroopers visited a planet in search of the hiding rebels. Instead, this was a trap set by Darth Maul in order to test Vader and retake his place at Emperor Palpatine’s side. After a grueling duel in which they were evenly matched, Vader ended up coming out on top over Maul.

Luke & Leia’s Palpatine Fight Is What Rise Of Skywalker Should Have Been

Star Wars Tales written by Ron Marz, and illustrated by Rick Leonardi, Palpatine arrives at the planet in person. Maul actually didn’t set up the trap by himself. There were three robed individuals that were responsible so that Vader could be pushed from the Emperor’s side. But when Palpatine arrived he killed the three himself and revealed that he had followed Vader’s...

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