Repurpose Old Balls And Shuttlecock For Home Décor

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You don’t know how useful athletic equipment can be in several ways. From them to decorate your home or to make furniture for your kids from them. Always keep one thing in mind, nothing is useless unless you stop thinking creatively. The day when you stop thinking creatively, everything will seem useless. Old balls and shuttlecocks or even other sports equipment work best when it comes to using them for decorating purposes. Want to know how you can use them for home decoration then simply read some amazing ideas below.

Tennis Ball Holder 

Have you ever thought about using a tennis ball as a holder? I’m sure you didn’t ever imagine that a tennis ball can turn into a holder. Work best for your workplace or even in your home, where you usually do your office work or studies. When you smartly place it, it becomes your assistant and holds everything like a pen, keys, and mail, when you step through the front doors. 

Dugout Inspired Shelf 

Take at least 20 balls that you have in your storeroom or roll around the house, car, yard, etc. put them...

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