Regularisation of ad-hoc, contractual employee cannot be from earlier date:...

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Srinagar: High Court of J&K and Ladakh has held that regularisation of an ad-hoc or contractual employee cannot be from an earlier date other than the date of regularisation.

Pointing out that under J&K Civil Services (Special Provisions) Act, 2010 the regularization has to be from the date of regularisation irrespective of the person having completed seven years of service earlier, a division bench of Chief Justice Pankaj Mithal and Justice Moksha Khajuria Kazmi said: “It is settled law that no person can claim regularization in service until and unless the regularisation is provided under any statute, rule or Government order”.

The court was hearing an appeal filed by one Abdul Majeed seeking regularisation of his services as a Gardner with effect from 19.06.2008, when he completed seven years of services, instead of 26 December 2017, when he was regularised.

While Majeed was claiming regularization after completion of seven years of his service, the Court said in keeping with the section 5 of the Act , the regularization of ad-hoc or contractual or consolidated appointees shall have effect only from the date of regularization irrespective of the fact that they have completed more than seven years of...

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