Qigong Perspective On Our Health Why We Get Sick

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I was once reading a book on women and heart health by a well respected M.D. The beginning of the book told a story about a woman who had a heart attack and was taken to the emergency room. The woman complained to the doctor that she had been doing everything healthy and right to take care of herself, while her husband had very poor health habits. The woman was angry. “Why me? Why not him?” she said. The doctor cited “the odds” as part of the reason this woman had suffered a heart attack. The doctor’s answer rang so untrue within me that it killed my motivation to continue reading his book.

I do feel that statistical data can be of value. However, seeing it (“the odds”) considered as a cause or partial cause of a person’s health status is hard for me to accept. If “the odds” say that one out of ten women over fifty tend to have heart problems, this only tells us the health condition of this given population. But this information provides no insight into why that one woman out of ten is having heart problems.

So what does our heath depend on? Why...

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