Product Descriptions: Way to Write a Product Description That Sells

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Choose a copy format.

Bullet points, paragraphs, and tables are the three most prevalent types of copy styles used in product descriptions. Each format serves a distinct purpose(product features).

3 Different Copy Formats

Points to Remember

Bullet points are a great way to showcase important product aspects like specs (size, colour, technology, use cases, and so on) and features. These are frequently short sentences that are ideal for shoppers who will merely skim the most important product facts.


Bullet points will not suffice if your offering demands a little bit of narrative to captivate customers’ emotions and imagination. This is where a text paragraph comes in. The story behind a product can be told in a paragraph of three to four sentences. Feel free to add another paragraph if you have anything to say about the product. It’s fine to add some personality to your content, as long as it’s suitable and consistent with your brand.


It’s best to use a table to list or compare variants and specs for product versions having technical specs, such as electronic products. Tables...

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