Practices of doctors behind sports teams

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The work of a doctor in a professional team is exciting, but at the same time complex and exhausting. Numerous guards or the pressure to get a diagnosis as soon as possible so that players can start treatment are two things we live with every day. In addition, as a team of medical professionals, our functions cover different areas. At the beginning of the basketball preseason, in the hospital Quironsalud Zaragoza, a comprehensive medical examination, including a medical examination, Somatoanthropometry, taking body measurements (weight, height, skin folds, etc.) physical condition and conducting individual training approaches and nutrition, echocardiogram, barometry (stress test), and blood and urine tests specific to each case. In this way we try to prevent the development of serious problems such as cardiovascular disease.

Also in collaboration with physiotherapists and physiotherapists

Muscle conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic capacity are assessed. Gain more muscle strength, endurance and elasticity in an effort to prevent muscle injuries or muscle fatigue. Each player’s muscle characteristics are also assessed to determine which physical exercises are most appropriate to perform

Despite this, sports injuries are unfortunately common among players.

My role as a medical professional is to try and get a diagnosis quickly so that...

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