Picuki: A Social Media Manager for Instagram Users

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Picuki is a free social media management tool that can help you to manage multiple accounts on different networks. It is a user-friendly option that allows you to edit and post your story, photo, and video on Instagram. This app has the capability of broadcasting an Instagram story to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn at the same time. You can easily share videos from different social media platforms through Picuki.

Picuki is a free Instagram editor and viewer tool

It can help you to manage and edit your photos, videos, live stories, and albums. You can also use Picuki to view your friends’ media from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Picuki offers two main features:

Picuki Editor – It allows you to edit your photos with 12+ filters and 3+ frames. You can also add stickers, text, or emojis to your photos.Picuki Viewer -It Viewer allows users to view their friends’ media from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in one place.

Picuki is the best online Instagram editor and viewer tools

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