Personalized URL Tips You Should Know!

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One of the very best ways to get the attention of current and prospective clients attention and create a great impression of your company is to use a personal URL. A personalized URL (also called a PURL) is a URL which includes the name of the customer which you can send them. There are many benefits to be gained by using PURLs.

By using PURLs along with direct marketing software, you’ll make a positive impression on the people you contact. A PURL gives a personal touch to your communications and gives the contact the feeling that your business recognizes them as an individual and cares enough to give them a personal touch. While there are a lot of different choices for personalized direct mail, a PURL really helps your business to stand apart from other companies and lets your prospects know that you care enough to address them personally.

You can use a PURL to tailor your content to individual clients if you choose to do so. This is a tool which lets you focus your marketing message and at the same time learn more about the needs of your current and prospective customers. Personalized URLs are one of the...

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