Nursing Is a Service To Humanity

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From the earliest days of human existence, medicine has been central in man’s struggle for existence and survival in the face of a myriad of diseases and other ailments that daily confront him. In its various forms of practice, medicine has been a highly regarded profession and people looked upon medicine practitioners as the most important people in the society. This concept of and societal attitude to medicine and its practitioners have survived till today, with medical practitioners being regarded as next to God in the matter of the preservation and sustenance of life and health.

Over the years, the medicine industry has metamorphosed into a giant network of ancillary personnel who facilitate the work of medicine practitioners in a variety of ways. Among this variety personnel are nurses who constitute the major and most important component of the health industry, with roles and functions which no other health care professionals have. Although the point has not frequently been made or generally canvassed, the role of the nursing profession in the success and effectiveness of the medical profession is not only fundamental but in fact indispensable. And that is to say that the credit and tribute in the success of...

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