Night Sky On Amazon: Should You Stream It Or Skip...

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Night Sky is the latest addition to Amazon Prime’s Sci-Fi Drama Series. The show follows the lives of Irene and Franklin York. From the outside, they look like a normal couple. But in actuality, they are hiding a secret right in their backyard. Unbeknownst to the outside world, their backyard leads to a portal.

A trans-dimensional portal that leads to a deserted planet. Ever since they discovered it, they have been guarding it against the outside world. All of this changes when an unexpected character barges into their lives. What follows the stranger is the cult that he escaped from.

A cult that believes these portals are gods’ creations and them its holy guardians. Irene and Franklin’s peaceful life gets disturbed by these unsavory characters. And the old couple had to go to extreme measures to protect what they love.

When Was It Released?

The show premiered on the 20th of May 2022. The entire season came out on the same day. The season has a total of 8 episodes with an episode duration of 60 minutes each. Even though there is a Sci-Fi element the basis is a cute love story of an older couple who takes care of...

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