Nasal fracture and Best Treatment To it

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A nasal fracture is often a result of a traumatic blow. It may also be associated with neurosurgical injuries of the nose or some other head trauma. Most nasal fractures are seen at the tip of the nose, and they are most frequently unilateral, but bilateral fractures can happen as well. Often nasal fractures are caused by motor vehicle accidents but not always.

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SymptomsTreatmentThe best treatment for nasal fractureNon surgical rhinoplastyThe procedure is done in 2 steps:


The patient often complains of pain on palpation, and decreased sense of smell and taste can occur due to the blood vessels in this area being severed in the process. A history that includes falling, injury to the head, or trauma to the nose is necessary for diagnosis.


Treatment depends on the severity of the fracture. Treatment of nasal fractures consists of closed reduction and open reduction within two weeks for nondisplaced fractures. If a patient fails to respond to closed reduction, it is recommended that open reduction be performed.

In cases where fascial or septal injuries are suspected, these should be evaluated in the operating room under general anesthesia. If needed, fascial or...

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