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Talent is highly prized around the world, and youthful talent is even more so. It’s incredible to be young and achieve significantly more than folks twice your age. Not everyone is meant to reach a certain level of fulfillment in their lives, but if you are ambitious and determined, you can attain your goals with hard work and devotion. Success is never easy, but it appears significantly more difficult and dangerous when you are young. When it comes to young people making a difference in society or introducing new ideas, the name of Subtain Zahid, a young man from Islamabad, Pakistan, must be mentioned. Being ambitious and beginning to work for your objectives at an early age might be a blessing in disguise, Despite this, many people only realize the worth of time after it has passed. Because they are afraid of the problems they will confront, most young people choose to daydream rather than move out of their comfort zone and work on their goals. Subtain Zahid, on the other hand, holds a different viewpoint. Once you’ve started down the road to success, he believes there’s no turning back. Falling and rising are natural parts of the process, and...

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JONATHAN MABERRYis a New York Times best-seller, five-time Bram Stoker Award-winner, anthology editor, comic book writer, executive producer, magazine feature writer, playwright, and writing teacher/lecturer. He is the editor of Weird Tales Magazine and president of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. He is the recipient of the Inkpot Award, three Scribe Awards, and was named one of the Today’s Top Ten Horror Writers

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