MRP (maximum retail price) Meaning: Definition and Importance

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MRP stands for maximum retail price. It is printed on top of the package and so that it can easily be seen by customers. The MRP is printed on the product package so that it can be easily visible to the customers and legal authorities. MRP full form is Maximum Retail Price, which is another name for maximum price or highest price, an amount that cannot be charged more than this by retailer from customer.

 The term MRP is used in several areas of business, most notably retail. In India, manufacturers print a notice of our maximum retail price on packaged products in order to help customers avoid overpricing by middlemen. When this symbol appears on a product it means that the vendor must sell that product for no more than the MRP given on it.

 MRP is an acronym for Maximum Retail Price. It is the largest amount a retailer can charge for a product. Per Indian law, the MRP must be printed on top of the package so that it can be easily seen by customers and legal authorities. MRP meaning Maximum Retail Price. This term is used to show you how much the retailer can...

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