Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra

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Red is the color of the first chakra. It governs stability, safety and commitment. This chakra is found on Mount Shasta, and it is responsible for activating the Kundalini. Erik Erickson identified several stages of development in infants. Trust is directly related to healthy root chakra development. Infants felt safe and protected in their world when their caregivers provided for their basic needs. However, infants who do not receive a steady stream of nurturing from their caregivers may develop the first chakra blockage.

Red is the color of the first chakra

The root chakra is governed by the color red. This chakra is found at the base the spine. This energetic, sensitive center controls survival instincts or “fight or flight”. The root chakra also contains latent Kundalini, a spiritual energy that causes us to awaken from a deep level of awareness. This energy is believed to be the spiritual foundation of all creation. This chakra is known to focus our attention because red is the most popular color that draws attention.

The root chakra, which is the most important energy center in the body, also has the highest density. That makes it the color of the chakra with the highest...

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