Living a Charity Life: Lets Donate Gift Cards to a...

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We’ve all done it. Used our gift cards except for the last few dollars or pennies, and then toss them into the bottom of our purse or chest of drawers to be forgotten. Gift card exchange websites won’t accept them and we just never think to shop with them. Know where that unused money goes? Back into the pockets of the retailer. Free money. Why not put those unused cards to a better use?

There could be other reasons for not using your gift card, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Any reason is a great reason to donate to a charity of your choice and this is a perfect opportunity. Whether your card has its full value or you’ve used it down to a quarter, charities can still use them. In most cases, these worthy causes collect the cards, add them together and shop for items they need – from clothing to office supplies and food to building supplies. Just like collecting change in a jar, these cards can add up fast for those in need!

You have several options when deciding where to donate. Why not call your favorite local charity and see if they could use...

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