Listed And Unlisted Shares: Know The Differences

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You must have confronted the buzz of shares in the stock market, their prices rising and plummeting and folks buying and selling them off. These shares are traded in the open market, and hence, people actively engage in investments here. At the same time, there are stocks circulating in a few hands, not bartered openly in the market and obscure to most people out there. These fundamental differences give rise to two categories of shares in the stock market, namely listed and unlisted shares, which we shall discuss here. 

Deep Analysis

Do you get confused that what does listed and unlisted shares refer to? Unlisted stocks are the shares of the firms that have not yet listed themselves on the stock exchange, such as BSE or NSE, through IPO (initial public offering). Already-listed companies who want to present new stocks may also issue shares not listed on the exchange yet. As they are not accessible on the official platform, they are a part of a closed market. Unlisted shares pique the interest of high rollers because the risk involved here is high and returns too lucrative to resist. 

Coming to the next category of stocks, i.e., listed shares. Companies register...

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