Letters: The difference between voting at a convention and voting at large

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The paper trail and accountability

A letter writer June 15 implies that because the Minnesota Republican convention employed electronic voting that should then be OK in the public vein. In the situation of a limited, identified population such as a convention, it is more efficient and cost effective. I’ve been a delegate. They have the identity of every delegate in that room, right down to who showed up and who didn’t.

Public voting is different. There is no “captive audience.” The paper trail required in Minnesota elections follows the requirements of good accounting practice. Look at your gas receipt (the beginning of that paper trail). It identifies every person or machine that was involved in the delivery to your tank and your payment. Behind the scene, inventory and payment factors are monitored and reconciled at each point of transition. That’s called accountability. That “paper trail”” is there if any research is required to investigate or correct a problem. And it prevents scofflaws from gaming the system that, with proper monitoring, fosters credibility.

Isn’t your vote as important as your purchase of a few gallons of gasoline?

Art Thell, West St. Paul


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