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We suggest Wix for why it is more important. It is a popular website for beginner’s support.

Nowadays most business beginners are consulting the Wix sites. It has very well designs and templates. Predominantly, Wix is no coding platform site. So, build a webpage with creative designs and get a domain.

There are four plans ( upgrade premium plan ) and you preferably select your plan. Digital marketing training in erode. Let’s start with website building or creator in no coding platform. Just explore you to learn about the Wix site.

Wix the website builder:

Let us google search ‘Wix’ and it shows you the web address of the Wix site and then clicks. Set up your Google account and get started. Select create a new site and skip the following steps. Then it shows you to choose the options.

We prefer you to choose the ‘edit a template’ button. You need to pick the blank template ( start from scratch ). Start editing with many attractive tools. It is a no-coding website builder and also gets a free domain.

Get Domain host:

The Wix site they offering four types of yearly plans. And actually, they give free domain...

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