Laguna Beach, meditation and a deep breath: How Orioles star Trey Mancini reset after an ‘insane year’

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Trey Mancini badly needed a break. Over the last month of the 2021 season, the magnitude of the past year and a half weighed on the Orioles first baseman — beginning with a cancer diagnosis and concluding with a rapid return to baseball and the rigors that come with a 162-game sprint.

In all of that, the breath inside him was pent up, held in, waiting for a release.

“Trey loves baseball, loves Baltimore, as do I,” Mancini’s fiancée, Sara Perlman, said. “We were so ready for it to end. Because he was so exhausted. He was drained.”

So when Mancini flew from Toronto, where the Orioles finished the season, to meet Perlman at their home in Laguna Beach, California, he finally had a moment to himself. He walked in, set down his bags and let out that breath — what felt like his first real breath since March 6, 2020.

In the time since that day, when he received his cancer diagnosis, Mancini has undergone surgery to remove a tumor from his colon and 12 rounds of biweekly chemotherapy treatments. He experienced the weight loss and illness that coincides with those treatments.

But once he finished those rounds,...

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