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Managing investment portfolios through a professional portfolio manager was once the domain of the rich. In recent years, the minimum investment amounts for opening a managed investment portfolio have declined. The possibility has been opened to a wider public.

What is portfolio management, who is it suitable for, and how do you correctly choose the best portfolio management companies and the right portfolio manager for you? All this and more in this guide.

Who is the portfolio manager?

An investment portfolio manager has a license to manage investment portfolios on behalf of the ministry of finance, specializing in managing a portfolio of securities for private clients and companies.

An investment portfolio manager (“portfolio manager”) advises or actually manages his clients’ securities portfolios, following the client’s needs and preferences, and following the terms and characteristics of the capital market and various financial products. Following the regulation of investment consulting and portfolio management law, the best portfolio management services is obligated to the following:

1) Adapt his services to the customer’s needs.

2) Act in the best interests of his clients with faith and diligence (“the duty of...

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