Key Organizer An Essential EDC Item

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A key organizer is an essential item for any EDC. This compact, lightweight device stores a variety of keys in one convenient place. Not only is it useful for storing keys, it can also be used to open bottles and other objects. The organization system reduces the clutter in your pocket and can even help prevent lost keys. The extra space it provides is also handy for holding pens, credit cards, and other small objects. You can also keep a variety of other objects in your organizer.

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Some organizers are better than others. The less keys you have, the better. Some organizers are only suitable for thin, plastic keys, and are not suitable for thick plastic ones. Most organizers are better suited for those who do not own a car or for those who use keyless entry. However, if you are looking for a real deal’, you can go for a high-end model with integrated buttons that allow you to enter your car with a push of a button.

Ekster has made a name for itself by manufacturing smart wallets, but they have expanded into other EDC categories. Their Compact Key Organizer is made...

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