Interest Rate Forecast Is Inflation Right Around the Corner?

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In March of 2009, I wrote an article predicting where mortgage rates were heading. The name of this article is “Mortgage Rate Predictions-What the Charts Are Telling Us.” At the time I wrote this article, interest rates were 6 to 6.5%. My article got a lot of very bad reviews because many readers thought I was off my rocker for predicting mortgage interest rates would hit 4%. Actually, there were many more predictions in this article which all came true. So, I’m proud of my article. Now, I will attempt to predict what will happen to interest rates in the future.

Looking at the interest rate charts, it is easy to see there is very little volatility. So, it is very unlikely an upward swing will bring about a downward swing that will break through the low interest rates we are now seeing. In other words, technically speaking, it would be difficult to see interest rates go significantly lower than they are in this interest rate cycle.

It Looks like Inflation is the Goal

Furthermore, from a fundamental aspect, it looks as if the Obama administration is doing everything they can to create inflation. Their refusal to let American oil...

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